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#303 – Attack of the Juiciest Tomatoes

The crew has a special guest for episode 303; Commander Chu of the Nexus Raiders! We discuss their upcoming New Year’s Festival (check the shownotes for a link, you should check it out and join!) along with giving out our FoFFs, Props, and talking Heroes of the Storm news!

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#302 – Black Friday Science

All three hosts have slept off their food comas from Thanksgiving, and return for episode 302!  Be warned, Black Friday fuels their rage, making for some “nice” Foffs for this episode! Additionally, lots of gaming news and strange world news is discussed.  Enjoy!

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#301 – Dirty Deeds

Cer and Xia team up to host episode 301 (sorry Team bird rp!) They talk lots of game news this episode, go on a bunch of tangents, and really utilize the Foff segment! Happy Thanksgiving and enjoy!

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#290 – Claps and Faps

Tonight’s show was a little bit different….but in a good way!  Episode 290 features commentary from Ray and Xia (or lack thereof) as Cer plays the Warcraft Legion launch.  Let us know what you think!

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#289 – Mario Bloomers

Episode 289 is full of oddities, including random rage from Xia, lots of Warcraft Legion discussion, and gamer swag.  Cer also laments the amount of bird plushies (much to Ray’s chagrin)

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#288 – Epitoad

Tonight’s episode (epitoad?) is especially salty, as the crew discusses their weeks’, bacon news, and Blizzard news.  Lots of Foffs for episode 288 as well! Enjoy

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Cer is joined live by Xia.  Ray is also here and we talk Bacon bandaids, Overwatch, Warcraft Legion, and a ton of other shenanigans!

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#286 – Aristocats

The band gets back together for episode 286! We catch up on each other’s weeks along with discussing Overwatch and Heroes of the Storm news! Also, some strange talk of what “BFT” means, along with ways to prepare cordon bleu…

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#285 – Town Hall Shenanigans

Cer flies solo, but does he? Tonight we host our very first townhall with members of the community joining in to voice their opinions about Warcraft, Overwatch, Blizzcon and much more! Continue reading #285 – Town Hall Shenanigans

#284 – Six Years Too Long

The gang celebrates six wonderful years with episode 284. Xia returns for the action, as they talk gaming news, what they’ve been up to, and read your Foffs and Props.

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