Right now nominations for the Podcaster tournament are going on, and we would love if you nominated Rayfyst and Ceraphus.  Xia gets a bye due to shenanigans last year!

Simply go to:

Create a login if you don’t already and copy & paste the following:

Ceraphus @ceraphus The Sundering
Ray @rayfyst The Sundering

Also it would be awesome if you showed our fellow D20 Catalyst podcasters some love too!

Quori @quoriwow Azeroth Pirate Radio
Lignar @lignar Saturday Morning WoW
Medicakes @MrsDeviantOne Saturday Morning WoW
Will @willseiler Saturday Morning WoW
Epic Insanity @epic_insanity Frozen Nerdz
Kilroy @kilroykt Frozen Nerdz
Mazzlu @LorewalkerMazlu Lorewalkers Roundtable
Tahuu @Tahuuharuk Lorewalkers Roundtable
Sol @Tater_SolLRT Lorewalkers Roundtable
Ayr @AyrWalker Monk Meditation
Chaithi @wowmonk Monk Meditation
Daikatsu @DaikatsuCTR Monk Meditation
Leblue @kagerai_leblue Monk Meditation
Guanshu (Adam) @geekofrandom Monk Meditation
Hend @hend_horderlies The Training Dummies
Rob @robcopeland The Training Dummies
Fimlys @fimlys Twisted Nether
Hydra @Hydrawr Twisted Nether
Serephita @serephita Dalaran Academy
InquisitorAura @inquisitoraura Dalaran Academy
Ktjn @ktjnwow The Edge
Matticus @matticus The Edge
Veliice @veliice The Edge
Pallie @giterraid The Edge

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